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> Layaly Tibe (NIGHT OF THEB LUXOR) 1994  
> Opening of the "Biblioteca Alexandrina" 2002  
> Peace Message To The World (Swess Canal) 1996  
> The Homeland Bridge-October 2003  
> The Volcano -October1999  
> The homeland ship 1998  
> The Millenium 2000 Jean Michel Jarr  
> Opening Of The Sphynx - Renovations 1995  
> Opening Of The Nouba Meusium (Aswan) 1997  
> Memorial Celebration Of LUXOR 1997  
Latest Updates
Bawabat Al Sharq-Qassem Amine

The Egyptian Modern Dance Theatre Company travelled in September 2011 to Italy to perform a new show called “Bawabat Al Sharq (Orient Gate)” that was produced by the Cairo Opera House while the “Women of Qassem Amine&rd...

The Great Street

In March 2012, an important show called “The Great street” was performed with the Foursan Al Sharq Lil Turath (Knights of the Orient for Heritage) Theatre Company at the Cultural City Theatre du...

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